Step into spring: spring clean the stable yard

This week we are celebrating National Spring Clean Week (2 to 8 March 2020) and urging horse owners to spring clean the stable yard.

Horse owners are starting to notice the effects of winter.  The aftermath of rain, mud and storms teamed with a lack of daylight cleaning hours means that up and down the country horse owners have stable yards that look a little worse for wear.

With the daffodils and snowdrops now coming out in bloom, it makes us hopeful that winter is nearly over so Horsefinder has put together a spring cleaning checklist. Wait for a sunny weekend and roll your sleeves up – we promise you it will be worth it.

– Sweep and hose the yard – it’s amazing the difference it makes.
– Sweep and clean the tack room ensuring to get rid of cobwebs.
– Tidy the hay barn getting rid of as much of the dust as you can – this can contaminate fresh hay stored in the barn.
– Makeover untidy looking doors with paint or wood preservative. Make sure it is dry before your horse is back in residence as they may lick it.
– If stable doors have swollen from the damp weather, shave off a little excess with a handheld plane – be sure to start off small, taking more off if needed.
-Patrol your fields for any rubbish that has been blown in, especially into the hedgerows.
– Organise the brushes, rakes and forks – make a tool tidy on the wall to keep them organised.
– Clean stables right down to the floor. On a sunny day when your horse is grazing, let as much air and sunlight in as you can. Sunlight is nature’s disinfectant.
– Check the yard’s safety – replace items in the first aid kit, test fire alarms and update the emergency numbers book.

Finally, with everything in your yard looking ship shape and sparkling clean, pour yourself a cup of tea and dream about the months of great riding ahead.

Good luck!


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